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Local Strategic Partnership (2010-2011)

Terms of Reference

The LSP sets the long term strategic direction for the Borough. It will exercise a leadership and governing role through identifying and articulating the needs and aspirations of local communities. The central role of the full LSP is as the guardian of the major policy document for the borough of Milton Keynes – the Sustainable Community Strategy.

Elected Members

Liberal Democrat Councillor Sam CROOKS Member22/06/2010 100%
Conservative Councillor Andrew GEARY Member22/06/2010 100%
Labour & Co-operative Councillor Norman MILES Member22/06/2010 100%

Non-Elected Members

Navrita Atwal Member18 May 2010Minority Ethnic Communities 100%
Rob Badcock Member18 May 2010Milton Keynes College 100%
Alan Baldwin Member18 May 2010Thames Valley Police 100%
Matt Barnaby Member18 May 2010Younger People 100%
Malcolm Brighton Member18 May 2010LSP Health Rep on MKP 100%
John Colbert Member18 May 2010Southern & Eastern Regional Trade Union Congress 100%
Robert de Grey Lead Member18 May 2010CMK Partnership 100%
Bryan Dugdale Member18 May 2010Bucks & MK Fire & Rescue 100%
D Vasco Fernandes Lead Member18 May 2010Race Equility Partnership 100%
David Foster Member18 May 2010Milton Keynes Parks Trust / Transport Partnership 100%
Colin Fox Member18 May 2010MK Economy & Learning Partnership 100%
Avril Francome Member18 May 2010MK Community Local Infrastucture P'ship 100%
Isabella Fraser Member18 May 2010MK Association of Urban Parish Councils 100%
Diane Gordon Member18 May 2010Disability Advisory Group 100%
Louise Hall Member18 May 2010Jobcentre Plus 100%
Nick Hicks Member18 May 2010Milton Keynes Council / NHS Milton Keynes 100%
Linda Jarvis Member18 May 2010Learning & Skills Council 100%
Bianca Kerley Member18 May 2010Business Link 100%
Andy Lane Member18 May 2010Strategic Environmental Partnership 100%
Wendy Lehmann Member18 May 2010LSP Community Rep on MKP 100%
John Lewis Member18 May 2010Milton Keynes Partnership 100%
Di Morrish Member18 May 2010Observer (GOSE) 100%
Kate Page Member18 May 2010Milton Keynes Council Chief Executive 100%
Jane Palmer Member18 May 2010Civil Society Organisations 100%
Andrew Peck Member18 May 2010Business Representative on MKP 100%
David Radbourne Member18 May 2010Hopsital 100%
Jeremy Rawlings Member18 May 2010Milton Keynes Association of Local Councils 100%
Ian Revell Member18 May 2010Community & Voluntary Sector 100%
Julia Seal Member18 May 2010MK Community Foundation 100%
Rita Spada Member18 May 2010Milton Keynes & North Bucks Chamber of Commerce 100%
Ruth Stone Member18 May 2010Civil Society Organisastions 100%
Wedgwood Swepston Member18 May 2010MK Hospital 100%
Richard Townsend Member18 May 2010MK Sport & Physical Activity Alliance 100%
Mark Wathen Member18 May 2010Observer (SEEDA) 100%

Committee Political Balance

Conservative Conservative 33.33% (1 Members)

Labour Labour 33.33% (1 Members)

Liberal Democrat Liberal Democrat 33.33% (1 Members)

Council Political Balance

Conservative Conservative 36.96% (17 Members)

Independent Independent 8.7% (4 Members)

Labour Labour 17.39% (8 Members)

Liberal Democrat Liberal Democrat 36.96% (17 Members)


This committee has not held any meetings.

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